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The eTeamTool can unlock growth for your business by tackling the talent issues that are holding your team back from achieving the business’s full potential.

Click to open the detailed PDF about how the PRO eTeamTool works and 3 case studies of how the PRO version has helped 3 startup teams…

The eTeamTool is available as an initial free online assessment, an Elite paid online assessment or a full piece of consultancy to review team issues. In addition, the eTeamTool is used as a core part of our Equity Team Tool – to align skills and talents with equity structures.

Remember, our tool is devised to show the user how a venture capitalist or business angel would view them each team member of a startup or high growth innovation team.

Hence, we are not measuring personality; rather, looking at competency.

This is significant for three reasons…

Firstly, young entrepreneurs can score highly – as can old entrepreneurs – it all depends on whether they display the right attributes.

Secondly, whilst the results are consistent and reliable, with training, development and through reflecting on experience, the entrepreneur can score higher. This makes the tool ideal as a benchmark for training and mentoring.

Thirdly, as the diagram indicates, we can map more than one profile onto the same set of attributes and assess team strengths, weaknesses and gaps. This can then be used as a basis for recruitment and / or training and development.

We have also taken this tool a stage further and used it to as the basis for our Idea Alive business accelerator and also, we can now use it to help resolve shareholder equity disputes or issues – please see the Equity Team Tool.

If you’d to talk to us about joining a programme or engaging with us to run the eTeamTool assessment for your business – either the online or consultancy assessment – please contact us for more information.

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