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Yes, we know a great startup idea is important and most entrepreneurs will accept the need to develop customers, but do we pay sufficient attention to who is leading our startup or innovation team… who needs to be in the team … and where they fit… and what equity they should receive?

… and did you know that great startup and innovation teams with strong leadership grow 6 times faster than weak teams?

“I highly recommend the eTeamTool to any fast growth or startup business.”

Jon Bradford, Managing Director, Springboard Cambridge, July 2011

So, do you know the real secret to why companies fail to raise money or growth fast?

Okay, if you are still reading then you’ll be on board with the view that the team that is frequently ignored, often with fatal consequences…

… of slow growth or perhaps no growth or worse of all, rapid growth followed by sudden collapse (with the shareholders all started arguing about equity and roles – yes, it happens more often that we like to admit)…

Teams that learn, raise 7x more money….

Research from the Startup Genome found that teams that learn raise 7x more money.

The eTeamTool can assess whether your high growth team has two critical qualities of an ability to listen and learn from customer behaviour and mentor or non-executive advice; as well as the ability to implement this advice.

So how do you put together the best possible team? The team that is not only more likely to succeed but also can raise the money required (if required)?

Well, you could hire someone like Richard Branson, top venture capitalists, business angels or Alan Sugar, with 30+ years of experience. Each would give you their gut feeling but how do you then use that insight?

Or you could use the eTeamTool (and now the Equity Team Tool) to give you the insights and information about the team that will help you decide if the business has the potential to succeed and if not, then how the team can be strengthened to reduce the risk of failure and increase the growth potential.

Balanced team?

Teams which can balance the talent of the founders, inventors and commercial or business people are 6.2x more likely to grow quickly. This growth is not dependent on cash, it is dependent on the skills and attributes in your team. If you don’t have them, you need to identify the gaps and fill those gaps fast.

What they all share is the recognition that a great entrepreneur team can turn a business around or launch a new startup or succeed where others have failed.

So, to make a good investment decision to invest either our time or money and to reduce the risk of failure, we need to understand the potential of team, and, how it can be supported or strengthed to increase the chances of success.

There are plenty of ways to measure business value and market potential. But before now, there’s never been a tool that could evaluate, and show you how to improve, the team who actually run the business.

The eTeamTool is the solution

The eTeamTool will give you an unbiased, non-emotive, picture of the capability, duplication and risk of conflict within the executive team. It will allow you to make changes and provide support to reduce the risk of failure and increase the growth potential and then help you raise funds.

Due Diligence

The eTeamTool will help you optimise your executive team. You’ll make better decisions about which teams to back with your venture money, or, as an entrepreneur, you’ll be able to chose fellow founders, the mentors and non-executive directors who can not only add experience but also the right high growth abilities to your team.

Don’t make a mistake – choosing founders, investors or entrepreneurs is like getting married. A mistake is painful and expensive.

And, the eTeamTool will show you whether the team is optimised for success.

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Getting the right team

The eTeamTool can show you if the team will work and where change is needed – whichever stage the business or innovation team is in.

…it is the difference between winning and losing.

Find out why the eTeamTool can help you tackle your talent issues and help you to unlock your business’s growth potential

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