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However, here are the three ways you can use and buy the eTeamTool…

1. Solo versionAre you cut out to be an entrepreneur? – this assessment will help give you an initial assessment on whether you should explore this option further. If you decide to proceed with an entrepreneur path they will be advised to purchase the Elite version to better understand their strengths, weaknesses and how to build a successful team around you.

2. Elite version – An entrepreneur filter – designed to help pick the best / most suitable entrepreneurs for your business and startup management team or your accelerator programmes / entrepreneur support and mentoring programmes.

3. Pro version – A full team assessment – ideal for unlocking growth in a business that is stuck or has hit its growth ceiling. We take the team as our starting point and will provide you with powerful recommendations on how you can get your team and business growing again.

4. Equity Team Toolconnect your entrepreneur team, its abilities and skills plus the various degrees of commitment, to your business’s underlying equity structure. Get this right, and you can grow 6 times faster – get it wrong and your team will dissolve into bitter in fighting and failure.

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  • When it comes to investing in new business, you have to have the right entrepreneurial team. Nothing is more important. In fact, nothing is a close second.

    William Draper III Author of The Startup Game, Silicon Valley VC and Skype Investor

    Employers don't want government money - they want governments to provide them with the nation's talent.

    Damian Reece Daily Telegraph, Business Editor, May 2011
  • I have seen too many business plans where the focus is almost entirely on "the numbers" ... I have seen none that directly address the ability of the team to deliver the plan.

    Bill Kelly Cameleon Associates

    Most business plans tend to be weak on at least one of three elements.
    Not enough working capital!
    Too many skill gaps - or too many chiefs!

    Oli Rhys

    Its all about a 'balanced score card' approach rather than the 'SWOT' that traditionally dominated business plans and can tend to create dangerous imbalance's.
    [Businesses] need the customer at the center and lean thinking as the culture.
    You are right to see the whole as the real deal breaker, too many fail if they do not.

    Kenneth Usman-Smith Business Support Manager Rochdale Council
  • Quite simply a good Management Team can rescue/save an ailing business and a bad Management Team can irrepairably ruin a good business. Whilst a business has to have sound fundamentals lets not forget, it is the Management Team that will implement the model and in my opinion there should be as much diligence on the Teams ability to deliver rather than just focus on the numbers and legals.

    Alistair Howard Senior Commercial Banker

    Great management teams mean more to investors than even greater business plans

    Dave Berkus Serial business angel investor with over 70 early stage investments

    9 out of 10 earlystage investments fail to deliver

    Nesta Siding with the Angels
  • The most common exit of MBOs is receivership

    Andy Nash Chair Merrydown PLC

    Many entrepreneurs behave as if the invention is all that matters

    Neil Lewis iBusinessAngel

    Early stage investors aren't interested in the technology behind most start-ups... I don't care how something works... but someone will buy it

    Nelson Gray Business Angel speaking to Irish Sunday Business Post
  • There seems to be a widespread assumption that because a businessman is successful, intelligent and rich, he knows what he is doing; often this is not the case

    Chris Clegg Business Angel speaking to The Angel Investor Magazine

    Assembling a strong management team is cruical

    Jonathan Kestenbaum Chief Exec of NESTA

    A talented group of individuals isn't enough! You must be a team

    Andy Nash Chairman Merrydown PLC
  • Make changes [to your executive team] before you set out the deal - or at worst during the deal

    Andy Nash Chairman Merrydown PLC

    Those business angels who perform at least some due diligence experience fewer failed investments

    NESTA Siding with the Angels

    Predicting entrepreneurship from personality is flawed

    Dr Laszlo Czaban Manchester Business School
  • When Business Angels took an active management role the failure rate increased

    NESTA Siding with the Angels

    You are not looking for a situation where you know more than the founders - if that's the case, then the team is too weak

    Sean Baker Co-founder of Iona Technologies and Business Angel

    I've never seen a startup fail because the technology failed...failure consistently lies at the feet of the senior leadership team. Yet, Business Angels typically struggle to properly evaluate the soft skills of leadership...

    ...it is the attributes as much as the skills of the leadership team that will greatly determine success. From my research and experience, it is the Emotional Intelligence of senior management...their Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management abilities

    Tony Murray Author of The Transformational Entrepreneur

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